How we could help our non-data-fiend friends :)

  • 10 October 2019
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Good news and bad news.

Good news: One of my non-data-fiend colleagues pulled her own report in GPX without my help following these instructions!

Bad news: This community site crashed while I was writing this and I lost my whole post. Lucky for you, I used this opportunity to simplify it.

My colleague was very excited to find the information she was looking for on her own! Based on how she described the process, I have some feedback for how PX could help users who don't love to hang out in data tools all day long 🙂

What I noticed is that while she eventually figured it out, she got confused on the best order to configure reports. There are so many "knobs and levers" that she would get lost in the process. It made me wonder: Could PX (through user docs, engagements, the Knowledge Center, etc) be more prescriptive when it comes to the recommended order of configuring reports? One simplified recommended order could be:

  • When?
  • What? What data do you want to see? [list]
  • Who? Do you want to see specific accounts? And/or new users?
  • Where? Do you want to filter down to users who have never engaged in a certain feature, or who have engaged in that feature ___ times?
  • How? How do you want to see this data? Would be different per report (Path Analyzer, Features > Adoption, etc)

    [/list]Each report has more that can be configured, of course. But the above list could at least get them started. I've found that my non-data fiend colleagues need to go through the above process many times to feel comfortable in the reports before digging in more.

    I think the biggest lesson I've learned from helping others learn the data side is to keep it simple to start. There's so much they can do, but there's a fine line between showing the tool's power and making them feel overwhelmed with options.

    Hope this is helpful to others!

  • 3 replies

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    Hi Julie,

    This is definitely helpful for those just getting started with building reports! (And sorry to hear you lost your post while editing; that's a pain!)

    I could definitely see these tips being helpful in an in-app tooltip/engagement on the PX Analytics page.

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    @julie_pinto Good to see you active again!!

    Yes, we are in the works of being prescriptive and have been able to publish lot of best practices n the last few months. There are a few more coming in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

    And please... keep yours coming, they are good source for my learnings too :)

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    That's awesome! Glad to hear it.

    And yes, I'm sure my activity will be increasing again now that I've finished up a few end-of-quarter projects over here! I'm always happy to share 🙂