Highlighting Best Practices in PX Engagements

  • 3 October 2019
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We love to hear how customers are using our products to solve business challenges! To encourage you all to share your learnings and successes, we're selecting one Community post each month to highlight directly in an engagement for our PX users. 

A few weeks ago, we setup the above engagement to highlight a post about how to create rotating PX dashboards and display them on a monitor in your office. It's awesome to see your creative and innovative ideas and to share them with your peers! So, start thinking about a PX best practice or success story that you can post here in the Community, and you might just see your article displayed in a future engagement!


2 replies

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The fun part: Both the Post Author and the PX COM get rewarded! Yes, its a cash reward $$ :D

@alb and I got ours this month!

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This month we’re featuring a post from @julie_pinto! To get in on the action, share a PX best practice or solution that’s working for your business here on the Community!