Exit criteria for a cta

  • 10 January 2020
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I am not sure if this a product idea, but it would be great to have an exit criteria for any kind of in app messages.

Use case, when we introduce a new feature and would like users to read about it, or take a survey but t the moment they see it they don’t have time so they don’t click on the cta, learn more/ take a survey…Once the user clicked we don’t want to bother any more and it ‘s ok to stop showing the message. But if the user never clicked on the cta we would like to give them a second and third chance to learn more and click on the cta.

Is it in your road map?

What other options do you have for such a use case?




2 replies

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@hila Could you review this post and see if you request is same as this? If yes, we can move the post to Ideas and have you upvote it. Let me know.


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@hila did you get a chance to view the comments by @harshibanka