Delay in showing an engagement?

  • 2 October 2020
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Is there a way to tell PX to wait until the user has been in the tool for at least X minutes before launching an engagement? I'm planning to launch the engagement on a few different URL's, but it could be the first page someone sees depending on their process and I know that's not the best experience.

2 replies

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Thanks for posting to PX Community Amanda!


In your scenario, you can do this but it cannot currently be based on "time in the application". This is a good feature request for you to add to our PX Community, I personally would like to have that option available. 


What you can do is use a combination of your "popular" tracked module/feature events to set those thresholds in your Engagement Audience Logic to ensure that a user has done enough "things" today.  Of course, this will require your product knowledge to understand the typical paths for users and the things they do daily, so luckily you have Gainsight PX and can use the User Profile's recent activity, Adoption Analysis, and Path Analyzer to gain the necessary insights.


For example, one could pick a couple modules and a specific feature to include in the Audience Logic, which should ensure that the user has performed enough "things" to qualify for seeing that Engagement.  See sample below Audience Logic below:

Another much more precise way to do this is by using a PX Custom Event, which will require your development team to assist by adding some additional simple JavaScript code into your application. 

In this use case, in your application your developer could add the necessary code to track how long a user has been logged in and then fire a new PX Custom Event at the right time.  For example, after the user has been into your application for 5 minutes they could send a new PX Custom Event with simple JavaScript such as the follow:

// Create a new PX Custom Event after 5 minutes of activity
aptrinsic('track', 'Ready For Engagements', {"value":"true" }); 

After this is in place, you can then add Audience Logic to your PX Engagement such as the following and the PX Engagement will play just after the PX Custom Event is received.



I hope this helps some, but do comment and provide your feedback below.


Thanks again!



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Thank you, Link. I appreciate these options. I will definitely submit this as feedback as well because it would be nice if it was just an easy option for customers to choose.