COVID-19 template

  • 27 March 2020
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Dear community,
I hope you, your teams and your family members are safe

We’ve created a banner template you can use to message your customers during this tough time.



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@All, now we can apply different templates to your existing engagement. Please refer to this article

 You can also now flag an engagement as Product Update while creating or editing an engagement


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@link_black That’s really a detail explanation!

@mickey Thanks for posting it here!


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This looks good @mickey, thanks!


For our PX Customers newer to building PX Engagements, here is a quick review of how to leverage this new Dialog template and quickly implement it for your users…


  • Create the new Dialog Engagement


  • Select the new COVID Dialog template
  • Customize the new Engagement, including adding your own custom content and a valid link to your more detailed COVID messaging
  • Preview your results to validate the user experience
  • Select your target users/account using Audience Logic
  • Select the correct Schedule and Qualification Scope
  • Launch your Engagement


I hope this quick tutorial helps you to leverage this new COVID template quickly.


Stay safe and healthy everyone!