API for Product Mapper?

  • 20 July 2020
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We are trying to use PX with our Zendesk Knowledge Base and want to model the KB such that doc categories show up as Product Mapper modules. We want to know which categories of docs our users spend the most time in.

However, there is nothing in the Zendesk URL to indicate which category a doc belongs to so we would need to spell it out like this (screenshot below), where all doc URLs in the category are shown in the rule for the same feature.


This is similar to the ask from 5 months ago in https://community.gainsight.com/px-product-ideas-23/product-mapping-via-api-37455, I think, but not sure custom events are feasible from Zendesk.


So, two questions:

  • Is there an API for the product mapper?
  • Is there a better way to handle Zendesk categories in PX?






5 replies

@julie_pinto -- any clues? Is there a good way to integrate with Zendesk URLs and still get category info?

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Thanks for the question, @matt

Since the end goal is to know which doc categories your users spend the most time in, what about the following? 

  1. Create modules that reflect the hierarchy of your articles. For example, if you have a “Developers” category with a subcategory of “Best practices”, you would have a “Developers” module with a submodule of “Best practices” to reflect the structure.
  2. Map each article as its own feature with a single URL rule. 
  3. Have each article nest under the appropriate module or submodule to reflect your docs hierarchy.
  4. Within the feature adoption report, you’d be able to see the activity levels for each module / category, which would answer the original question. 

The advantage of this route is that you would easily be able to change the structure of the Product Mapper. For example, if an article changes categories or you branch out into a new category, you can rearrange the “feature” in the Product Mapper to reflect that change. 


Hi @Julie-Pinto, that would work but I would love to be able to automate step 2 (“Map each article as its own feature with a single URL rule”) via the API. Is the Product Mapper available via (public) API?

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@matt - definitely makes sense. A time-saving option would be to use the Instant Mapper in Suggestion Mode. 

@mickey - do you know of any additional solution to Matt’s question above? 

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Hi @matt, I heard back from the team and there’s not currently an option for the Product Mapper via API.