Your ideas were implemented in our CS v6.13 April release!

  • 15 April 2020
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  • Your Ideas R our goals!!!
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@All - we really appreciate all of the product inputs that our customers take the time to share with us on the Community. Your feedback helps us build better products and services, and stay in tune with what customers want, need and expect. We want you to know that our product team listens and carefully considers your ideas and concerns. I'm happy to report that we have implemented many suggestions from the Community in v6.13 release! Here's the complete list.

In our release notes, Ideas that originated on Community are marked with the “C” icon.



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These updates are great! Some additional feedback regarding some of the updates:

  • The field dependencies message upon attempt to delete: it would be amazing if the message also suggested even the first category in the dependencies section that is preventing the field deletion. 
  • LOVE the JO calculated fields update. This is such a useful feature for escalation journeys involving managers. Thank you!