What is Gainsight NXT? and related FAQ's

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Our product team has been working long and hard to design the next evolution of the Gainsight customer success application. To help Gainsight customers understand what is Gainsight NXT and what it means for them, we've prepared an FAQ


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Hi guys, really excited to start using NXT - I have a question. I heard that NXT will be integrating with Netsuite and I would like a few more details on this. We use Salesforce and Netsuite for our invoicing. When would you expect the Netsuite integration to be available? Would we be able to integrate it in addition to Salesforce? Any further details you can provide would be helpful. Thanks.

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HI Faelan,

We don't have any specific timelines on a productized Netsuite integration right now, but you can bring in Netsuite data today through Gainsight's S3 integration.

Import from S3 into Gainsight

Export from Gainsight to S3

Looks like there are a number of tools and processes that will get your Netsuite data to Amazon S3: https://www.google.com/search?q=netsuite+integration+s3&oq=netsuite+integration+s3

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Super thanks for that Dan, ill have a look into those options later

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Does NXT support related contacts? I can’t find anything in the documentation or FAQ around this.