Virtual Customer Advisory Opportunity - Person 360

  • 8 January 2021
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Virtual Customer Advisory Opportunity - Person 360
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Hi Community! We want your feedback via a live advisory session with our Product Management team


What is the Virtual Customer Advisory about?
Understanding Customers is key to building strong Customer relationships. This in turn helps result in upsells and renewals and a positive customer journey.
A Person Profile (Person 360) would help you understand a customer contact better and bring together all the necessary details in one place before you get in touch with them.

We want to listen and understand:

  1. What are the details would you look at before a customer call and how do you currently get these details?
  2. What are the different teams in your organization and what kind of information is important to each of the different teams
  3. What are some of your business pain points around knowledge of customer contacts

Who is the right person to Enroll?
End Users who work with accounts and actively participate in customer conversations or admins or managers who are conversant with the use cases.

When is this happening?
We are planning a number of sessions in the third week of Jan 2021

What should you do?
Please register for the roundtable to the slots provided using this form. We will respond back to you with a calendar invite.

4 replies

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@dan_ahrens I would love to participate but am unavailable during the time slots. Hopefully there will be other opportunities to provide feedback.

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Thanks for your interest @jriva - we do these customer advisory meetings from time to time and will announce them in this same community area, so stay tuned!

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@lindseyyoung5 @ashleyyoung please share this with your team and nominate someone to join!

End Proctoring-
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Thanks for doing these - Attended one this morning and it was great to be able to provide ground-level input.