Virtual Customer Advisory - Object Activity logs

  • 11 March 2021
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Virtual Customer Advisory - Object Activity logs
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Hi Community! We want your feedback via a live advisory session with our Product Management team


What is the Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting (VCAM) about?

We are looking to revamp the Object Activity Logs functionality in Gainsight Data Management (GDM) which would help  customers to get audit logs about CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations done on an Object (metadata & data) in a single place.
We would like to listen & understand:

  • What are the pain points with current logs provided in GDM
  • What types of options are you looking for in activity logs - Data Historicity, Logs fields, Object level configurability, etc
  • What kind of logs data export capabilities (CSV, API, etc) are you looking for
  • Feedback on latest mock designs for Object Activity logs


Who is the right person to Enroll?
Admin Users or other IT/Infosec users who either work with logs provided in Data Management/Data operations or are looking to make use of such a capability in their area of operation.

When is this happening?
We are planning sessions in 3rd & 4th week of March 2021 (March 18, March 25)


What should you do?

Please register for the roundtable slots provided using this form.  We will reply back with a calendar invitation. If you are unable to use Google forms due to company restrictions you can email to sign up. 


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