Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting - Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL)

  • 5 August 2021
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Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting - Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL)
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Hi Community! We want your feedback via a live advisory session with our Product Management team

What is the Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting about?

We are investing in a purpose built solution for Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL). This feature will allows CSMs to: 

  • Create Leads and share it with AMs/AEs. 

  • See reports on the value of CSQLs they created, the value of CSQLs that converted to an Opportunity and the value of Opportunities that were won.  

We want your feedback on some of your most common use cases, current pain points, and we’ll also share insight into our roadmap in this area. 


Who is the right person to Enroll?

  • Customer Success Managers who are involved in identifying potential Expansion opportunities (Upsell & Cross-Sell)

  • Account Managers and Account Executives who are responsible for Expansion (Upsell & Cross-Sell)

  • Admins who have configured / or interested in configuring CSQLs

When is this happening?

We are planning sessions on August 25th and on the 2nd of September 2021.

What should you do?

Please register for the roundtable to the slots provided using this form. We will reply back with a calendar invitation. If you are unable to use Google forms due to company restrictions you can email to sign up.


2 replies

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this is very interesting and we are actually looking into this as well. our use case is more complicated and we are looking for CS qualified leads with the relationship tag , being able to report on the different businesses we have separately.  

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I’m looking forward to adding to this conversation. Thank you for booking some time to discuss. Here is my quick feedback that I would like to discuss further with you.

I’ve used the timeline in the past to create the first CSQL record. This is a great way to track when the growth opportunity was first identified. From there, I’ve used a trigger to create a CSQL record that can then be filled in with all the details of the account and who the AE is. In Gainsight, these two objects (timeline CSQL activity, and the CSQL object) gives you a good reporting framework. I always update this record with either the CRM lead or opportunity record details. 

Depending on the CSQL type, I typically then trigger either an opportunity or a lead in the CRM. Not all opportunity types should go to a Lead workflow. For example, if the customer is looking to add a few licenses, this opportunity should skip a bunch of steps and go immediately to the sales rep for processing. There is no need to verify and validate a lead for these.


Any new features in Gainsight will need to accommodate different types of opportunities (upsells, cross-sells, licenses, services, education, etc.). And I would recommend having some way to flag the growth opportunity on the timeline as it is a significant event and achievement on the customer’s journey.