Timeline Attendees Issue

  • 4 February 2021
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We are working on an issue reported by multiple customers in regards to external timeline attendees.  Our team is currently working on a fix for this, and will share updates on this thread.  Please find further information on issue and temporary fix.


Issue:  Customers are unable to add external attendees to timeline activities

Temporary Fix: Save the activity as a draft, and then re-edit the draft.  You should then be allowed to add external attendees to the activity and save.


**Update**  This is resolved now and a fix has been pushed to production.

sai_ram 5 months ago

Hello Everyone, This is resolved now and a fix has been pushed to production.

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10 replies

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We are getting reports, too!  We thought it might be due to a recent transition to Nxt, thank you for sharing this is a new Gainsight issue.

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My CSMs are also experiencing this issue.

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Thank you for the update, my team is also impacted. As we’ve just launched the Outlook Assist plug-in, I’ve mentioned it as a work-around for anything that would have been logged under the Activity Type of “Email”.

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Also experiencing the same issue - for all our team. Raised with support early today. It was working fine yesterday. You can workaround it by logging the entry and then going back in and editing it and adding the names there.

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Same here. Thanks for raising it proactively so that the entire community is aware.

Our users are also affected.

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Hello Everyone, This is resolved now and a fix has been pushed to production.

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@sai_ram Hi - this appears to have been fixed at the global timeline level but our users are still having issues with External Attendees showing if they’re adding a timeline entry at the CTA level. That’s our main use case for the timeline types where we have that field as required. I’m going to submit a support ticket but curious if anyone else is experiencing this?


Update - appears to be isolated to just one R360 / stemming from a different issue. Thanks!

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@acote Just wanted to close the loop, The fix has been given for other areas as well, can you confirm if it’s working as expected?

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@Chirag yes - it’s working as expected! Thanks for checking!