Thank You For Helping Others!

  • 30 July 2018
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We would like to give a special Shout-Out to a few Community members who have recently demonstrated Success for All in the Community. The following members went above and beyond to help others by answering questions, solving problems, and contributing fantastic feature ideas that will make Gainsight better for all in the future.

The Community is an amazing resource for all of us, but only if we continue to share our knowledge and best practices with others!

We want to recognize and appreciate the following Community Members for helping their peers:

  1. Matthew Lind
  2. Tom Wix
  3. Calvin Multanen
  4. Pele Ahloo
  5. Jeff Kirkpatrick
We will be in touch very soon to send you a small token of our gratitude!

Also, kudos and special thanks to these members who continue to help others on the Community:

  1. Faust Belarmino
  2. Sagan Sherlin
  3. Ben Michael
From all of us at Gainsight, thank you to all of our members for contributing to the Community and thank you to the members who have made it their goal to help others and continue making a difference. We encourage everyone to keep posting, commenting, voting and helping others!

4 replies

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This is too cool! Thanks, Jessica!
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Thank you!!
Thank YOU, Pele!
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Nice work, Champions!