Tell us how the Pulse Community has impacted you in a 1-min. video!

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Are you as excited about Pulse as we are? I wanted to ask for your help to get everyone fired up as the event gets closer. 


We're asking our biggest Pulse fans to share a quick, simple video (think: less than 60 seconds! on your phone!) answering, "What impact has the Pulse community had on you and your career?" via Twitter or LinkedIn with tag #Pulse19

Would you be willing to be one of the first to post today? Or, you can send it to us directly to post on Gainsight's social! (email

There's no better way to count down to Pulse than with the voices of our community! Thank you for all that you do - and let us know if you have questions!

PS: a few of these may make it into our main stage keynote at the conference!

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