Service Incident: Token replacement issue in large email outreaches (over 1000 recipients)

  • 23 November 2015
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We have identified an issue with token or survey link replacement that may occur when sending large outreaches or emails (over 1000 recipients in one outreach).  We have had three customers encounter this issue.

The Gainsight team is still working to pinpoint the root cause of this issue and identify the full solution.  

1.  Remove tokens for large email sends and replace with general salutations.  Images and other components are being sent correctly.
2.  Construct the power lists so that each outreach is smaller (under 1000).  This will reduce the likelihood of the token replacement issue being encountered.


Please subscribe to this article for regular updates until the issue is resolved. If you have questions about this issue, please open a ticket with us by submitting a ticket via our Support portal or sending details to

2 replies

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Update as of 11/23/15 6:21 PM PT:
We have temporarily paused the queue for outreaches while we do final testing and push of our fix to the issue.  Any outreaches that are in the queue pending to be sent will be sent when the queue is resumed.  We will notify any customer individually if any action on your part is needed.
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Root Cause:
The issue was found to occur when the following conditions are met: 
  • Copilot sender fields are same for all emails. This includes the following fields:  [list]
  • From name
  • From email address
  • Reply to email address
  • Power List contains more than 1000 email recipients
  • There are NO duplicate emails in the PowerList (i.e. the same recipient email does not exist twice in the Power List)[/list]  

    This issue has been addressed through a “hot fix” deployed to production at 10:15PM PST on Nov 23, 2015. 
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