Release v5.15 is Coming June 12

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This 5-minute video demos what's coming in the v5.15 release!

The release includes the following enhancements, and more:
  • Ability to create Activities from the global Timeline view, spellcheck in the Activity editor, and share links to Activities
  • Ability to send Operational Emails through Advanced Outreach using the Email Chain model
  • Surveys 2.0 includes internal submission support and NPS Analytics view (new NPS 2.0 tab)
  • 360 Person Section includes new Detail view with inline edit and ability to add new Person records 
  • Cockpit List Views support up to 6 list view fields (w/ 1920 resolution)
  • Ability to Load Null/Blank Values in Bionic Rules Field Mapper
  • Rule Chain Basic scheduler works the same as Rule basic Scheduler
  • MDA Object Graphs enable Admins to understand references of an object
For more information, see these draft release notes. For orgs that opt in to automatic upgrades, your Production org will be updated on June 12.

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