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Hi Everyone,

We are currently working on the requirements for offering a Recycle Bin in Gainsight. I need a few inputs to help me iron out the requirements:

  • What are the most common areas in Gainsight where you accidentally delete data and need to bring the deleted items back?
  • Would you prioritize any objects that you see accidental deletes could have a huge impact?

Do let us know any other inputs you have in this regard.




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this would be great!


CTAs, MDA data are the first things that come to my mind.

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On top of my mind:




Success Plan



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Having a prior version of a report and rule would be wonderful.

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My first two items were exactly the same as @vmoore : Reports and Rules in a Recycle Bin would be amazing!

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I agree with the above - Rules and Reports! Would that also make any issues around dependencies disappear? For example, if you delete a field used in transformations or actions in Rules Engine, Gainsight has a fit and often the rule must be partially rebuilt. If we pull an item from the Recycle Bin, would it automatically get readded/have the potential to be readded to dependent JO email programs, email templates, etc. (thinking reports in this case)?

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Hi Team, 

Lately, I’ve noticed cases where field-level data has been accidentally overwritten by rules/manually. In this case, user is looking to retrieve the last values which were modified. I’m granularly targeting field level values where it is deleted and the user wants to retain them and correct the data. (Ex: Custom object, Standard object) 




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Version control capacity - Go back to the previous version (At least one version) of the configuration in rules, reports, tasks, CTA, Success Plan. 

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On top of my mind.

  1. All system and standard objects data
  2. Rules
  3. Disable object deletion for all the user and make only Super admins can delete the object. So that Other users can delete the data in the custom objects but they are not allowed to delete the entire object.
  4. Option to clone the object
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To my opinion 

  1.  CTA
  2. Timeline
  3. Tasks
  4. MDA Data
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Hi Preethi,


I was talking with the CA team and they shared the following additional feedback:


1.       We need an undo for the changes we make to rules and objects. An undo for data would be great too. So I have modified an object, and then a rule that uses that object. I may want to just undo the rule changes. Or both rule and object changes. The best scenario would be that I ran the modified rule, it modified the data, and I need to get that data un-modified to the state it was in before.

2.       We want to be able to back up objects/rules/reports. So an Export/Import mechanism for these three. The best scenario would be to do the same for data too. But not using a csv format. At least support export/import of data using the same tab-separated way as is now supported for data load. What I would really like to see is for them to use a different format - JSON comes to mind - which would not be impacted by values of fields at all.

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It would be great to see the previous versions or a recycle bin for

  1. Rules
  2. Reports
  3. Timeline entries
  4. CTAs
  5. Success Plans
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Hi All,

Thank you for all your feedback. This is very useful.

Recycle Bin would primarily be targeting to restore deleted items from your Gainsight Instance. 

I understand that version control would be very useful for Rules and Reports, we will be working with the respective teams to see if they can be added as a platform-wide capability.


Thank you