Production Environment - Scheduled MDA Release: Thursday, 21st July 2016

  • 21 July 2016
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SUMMARY Maintenance Window :    On Thursday, July 21st  2016  between 02:30 AM  &  06:30 AM CST

Actual Downtime :  60 Minutes


Activity :  This deployment includes minor bug fixes. During this maintenance Rules and Dataprocessor will be in hold state for about 60 Minutes. Soon after the deployment,  all queues will resume as normal.


PRODUCTION Environment Impact Details :

Gainsight Application  - SFDC  :  NO IMPACT

Data Ingestion Queue - MDA :  NO IMPACT

Rules Engine Queue  - MDA :  Delay of about 60 Minutes expected.

Data Processor Queue - MDA :  Delay of about 60 Minutes expected.



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3 replies

Latest Update - There will be no impact on Rules and Dataprocessor as part of this deployment.
Production deployment completed successfully. 
Thank You Ajay.