Prioritizing Product Feedback from our Customer Community

  • 10 May 2019
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As a Gainsight customer, you know we take your feedback seriously. Every month, we release new features and enhancements, largely based on the product feedback everyone shares here in the Community. Of course, we can't act on every suggestion, but we do our best to listen and understand your needs, and prioritize new development accordingly. 

Our Community Manager meets with our Product team on a monthly basis to review popular Community Ideas.

These are the Idea statuses you'll see on Community, and what each one means:

  • No Status: default status for all new posts.
  • Acknowledged: our product team has reviewed the request, but we’re not prepared to take action yet. We aim to revisit Acknowledged posts with the most votes every 6 months.
  • Under Consideration: our product team has added the request to the roadmap for sometime w/in the next year. We aim to revisit Under Consideration posts with the most votes every 6 months, to determine if they can be assigned to a specific release (aka, Planned).
  • Response from Customer: we’re waiting on customer(s) to provide more information before we can make a determination.
  • Solution Available: there is an alternate solution and we’re not likely to build the enhancement request. Or, the request is for an old feature that we’re not enhancing or that’s been retired, and we offer new/different functionality instead.
  • Not Planned: request is not likely to be addressed. May be used if the suggestion isn’t a good fit with our overall product vision and direction. 
  • Partially Fixed: we were only able to partially address the request.
  • Planned: indicates enhancement is targeted to a product release in the next several months.
  • Implemented: enhancement is available now.




1 reply

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How do we filter by status? IE I want to see CS Ideas that are in status “Response from Customer”

Edit: Found it in the section layout not in the search layout