People Maps - May Release updates

  • 10 May 2021
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Ohhh, May release is going to be lit!!

We have many enhancements coming up for People Maps. Check them out..


Multiple Maps

People maps has helped in visualizing the organizational hierarchy of a Company. Who the managers are and how the different departments are organized. But as the organization gets larger, it becomes hard to navigate through the map to identify the leaders of the departments. 

It is required for the User to know who the head of the department is to navigate and understand the team members.

Very often we also see the need to capture an org chart the does not traverse the manager relationship. For example, during renewals you would need to work on a decision hierarchy that spans across People from different departments. The decision flow is not necessarily the manager hierarchy. In these cases you would need to create a different map to capture this hierarchy

From this release you can create multiple maps for a Company. The maps can be of 2 types

  1. Sub Hierarchy Maps: Manage the main org chart better by creating multiple smaller maps based on Departments.

  2. Custom Maps: Create new maps from scratch that define different organizational structure

Create Multiple Maps


Multiple Maps in C360

Another important detail is that you can also see how many maps a Person is a part of. This would give you insights on how many teams a Person is a part of and how important they are to the organization.


View the maps a Person is a part of


Choose your Layout

We are listening, very carefully and are committed to improving your experience.

We did hear that the stacked layouts is very hard to read. While it does use the space effectively and reduces scroll, it is not the most intuitive design.

Now you can choose between Stacked vs Horizontal layouts for each of the maps you view. Admins can set a default layout for all the maps. You can also change from the default layout set by the admin to suit the map you are viewing.

Toggle Layout Options


Stacked maps are much more useful while viewing large hierarchies. We have improved how stacked maps look to improve the readability. Now you can have the best of both experiences.

Improved Stacked Layout


Better handling of Circular References

After you have created a complex People map and you log back in the next day, you are shocked to see that the map is no longer available. Support helps you here and you know that there has been a circular reference. A Manager got tagged as a reportee and that broke the map.

While we have blocked the circular reference from happening while building the map manually, but the manager field can also get updated during the Person load.

We have handled this error more gracefully. We will let you know where the circular reference is set and how you can change the manager field. This gives you the power to fix the maps that you have built without having to wait for Support to assist you.

We hope the updates bring you more power to manage your customers.

Please do let me know your thoughts.


Thank you so much for your Support.

People Management Team

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bumping this to the top for more visibility. @pgeorge thank you for sharing.

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I FEEL that girls’ excitement! My team is going to be SO excited for this release! Thank you for listening to all of our requests!

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We’re super excited about the multiple maps option. 


In regards to the horizontal map layout. Does this new functionality allow you to create a map that does not have a manager? Our team is looking to build a flat org map for some organizations and this does not seem possible with the current features. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do this in People Maps?

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Hi @rsivesind 

The horizontal layout enables you to have a better view of the maps in contrast to the earlier version of stacked layout only. You would still have the tree structure for the maps that you create in Gainsight.

Coming to the query, you can use ‘Custom maps’ to build maps to represent relationships other than the Manager-Reportee. Each map needs a starting node(root node) from which other relationships branch out but the starting node need not be a ‘Manager’. May I know what kind of relationships are you trying to map? Would it require disconnected nodes?

Hope this info helps you, if not, I’ll be happy to help further. 

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@Shilpa Gumnur similar (I think to @rsivesind ‘s request) is that we’d like to create maps of strategic roles, so e.g. Decision Maker, Executive Buyer, Champion


They don’t report to each other, we just want to be able to identify who fits those roles, and have multiple maps, e.g. there may be one for a specific business unit, or contract. (Particuarly for a our larger, strategic clients)

Doing it via just updating Company Person doesn’t give us that flexibility to have multiple different set-ups. 

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Hi @HollySimmons 

Currently all our maps need a starting node and follow a tree like structure. What I'm sensing is you would want to arrange the cards showing how they interact with each other without any hierarchy/tree structure, in other words, just a visual representation? if my understanding is right, as of now we do not have that provision. I have certainly made a note of this and will figure a way out to accommodate this use case in the mid term roadmap. Would you be able to upload a rough sketch of your intended maps? 

Also, I did not quite understand your reference to Company Person, could you please elaborate?


@HollySimmons and @rsivesind let me know if you would prefer a catching up over a call quickly to go over these items?