NXT 6.14.1 Release is Live & Release Schedule Changes

NXT 6.14.1 Release is Live & Release Schedule Changes
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NXT customers received v6.14.1, the latest patch release, in their orgs today. The majority of the enhancements in this release will also be part of the Salesforce v6.14 release on May 12. We recommend reviewing the NXT Patch Release Notes here, as this release contained an unusual number of feature enhancements.

Key enhancements & announcements:

  • Release frequency is changing to every 6 weeks starting in June
  • Gainsight Assist Chrome Plug-in (available in Chrome store in mid to late May) allows users to send Gainsight email templates from their Gmail account, as well as log emails to Timeline
  • View multiple Attribute sections from C/R360 in Sally for the Gainsight Mobile App
  • Easily extend or reduce Support Team’s Access to Your Org
  • Enable Real Time Sync for Surveys and enjoy enhanced Language settings and options
  • End users can view Survey Responses in C/R 360 without Survey Analyze Permission
  • Configure Adoption Explorer projects more easily and quickly with simplified Project Settings UI
  • View the recent Timeline activity in Scorecard Mass Edit Reports and plain text support for Comments
  • New free text widget in C360 Summary Section
  • New Load to PX action available in Rules Engine
  • Receive Gainsight Notifications through Sally for Slack

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