NXT 6.11.1 Patch is Live

  • 14 February 2020
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The NXT v6.11.1 patch release went live on Feb. 11, and included the following enhancements:

  • Admins can now create a lookup from Adoption Explorer person identifier in usage data to Company Person object in Gainsight. Usage reports can get you the actual details of the person’s usage data from each company based on the person’s Role/Title in the company.
  • Ingest near real time usage data/telemetry data from more external sources like Snowflake, PostgresMySQL and Redshift. Once the connection is established, you can bring the usage data from these sources to the Adoption Explorer objects.
  • Admins/Developers can now delete the Person record(s) from Gainsight using Gainsight’s Person REST APIs. When the person record(s) are deleted through this API, their corresponding records from the Company Person, Relationship Person, and person references in other Gainsight objects are deleted.
  • Gainsight Mobile app enhancements to Timeline:
    • You can now @mention users in Timeline comments
    • You can create and assign inline tasks in Timeline activities
    • IP Whitelisting Settings from the web application are now honored in Mobile

The patch also contained fixes. For the full release details, please see the 6.11 Release Notes.

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