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  • 27 August 2018
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Accomplish updating/creating the following list of articles:

New on Gainsight Go

  • Pivot Tasks in Bionic Rules (This article on pivot tasks eclipses its predecessor version and is empowered with better example and use case to help you better understand the concept of Pivot tasks in Gainsight.)
  • Statistical Functions in Bionic Rules (This article is designed to make you a pro at using the Statistical Functions supported by Gainsight.)
Updated Doc List
New/On Going Projects include
  • Quarterly Module (Docs) Enhancements Program (New): As part of our Q3 goals, we have planned to take up a few modules and their specific areas in terms of documentation. We are going to start with the docs (mainly Tutorials) enhancements for Scorecards. (Plan is in review)
  • API Documentation (On Going): Our effort is to create API documentation to improve the experience for our developers using our API, which has a direct correlation on API adoption. Our focus is to get accurate technical content in the API documentation, so that it improves the developer experience by integrating as quickly as possible. We will keep storing the API documents here till we publish them on (internal).
Coming Soon!
  • V5.17 August Release Notes is a very minor release, and most of the enhancements are only going into the Standard edition and not the SFDC edition. The customer facing V5.17 August Release Notes will be available here on 28th August, 2018.
  • List of In-app guides which will be published soon (with V5.17 Customer Release)!
  • New/Enhanced Tutorials for Scorecards and Surveys based on relevant use cases
We will come back with another list of documents which are impacted due to 5.17 release along with other relevant information. 

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