New NXT/SFDC Articles Published in Sep/Oct 2020

  • 9 November 2020
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Hello Everyone!

Here is the complete list of new articles created and published in the month of Sep/Oct for CS product:


  1. Cockpit 2.0 New Functionalities and Improvements
  2. Summary of Timeline UI Enhancements
  3. Company Intelligence in Email
  4. Gainsight Assist Outlook Add-in User Guide
  5. Cockpit List View
  6. Cockpit Inline Editing
  7. Cockpit Calendar Integration
  8. Commonly Used Filters in Cockpit List View
  9. Custom Views in Cockpit
  10. Create Manual Calls to Action (CTAs) and Tasks
  11. Create Manual Relationship CTAs
  12. Manage CTA and Task Due Dates and Owners
  13. Use Cockpit to Manage Daily Routine
  14. Call to Action (CTA) Detail View
  15. Send Emails from Cockpit (via Email Assist and Send Email Option)


  1. Company Intelligence in Email
  2. Gainsight Assist Outlook Add-in User Guide
  3. Summary of Timeline UI Enhancements


Please feel free to post your questions or comments on these articles. 

If you have any new doc requests, you can reach out to us at


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