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  • 9 April 2018
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We're running a contest during PULSE week for new Community members! Register on the Community this week (4/9 - 4/13), and start participating by the end of April, and we'll send you in May!

The Gainsight Community is a great place for Gainsight Admins and Customer Success Ops* to ask questions, share best practices, suggest and vote for feature enhancements, and connect directly with Gainsight product experts. 

To join the Community, click the Register link in the upper right corner. Enter your name, work email address, and a password. Wa-la! 

*All Gainsight customers are welcome. However, many of the conversations are focused on Gainsight configuration, which is typically handled by GS Admins or CS Ops. 

3 replies

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Seriously, join up. I took over as the Gainsight Admin a year after our company purchased Gainsight. I did most of my learning through the community. No question is a dumb one! I appreciated all those power-users helping me out back then. Now, I greatly enjoy doing the same for new users. So those questions that seem silly, are really nice to read and answer for me because it allows me to give feedback about what worked and what didn’t. So get involved. You won’t regret it!
Pulse and Pulse Academy were great! Finally back home in New Hampshire. The first thing I did this morning was join the GS Community! Looking forward to taking advantage of this wonderful resource. 
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Welcome to the community, Danielle! 🙂