New Free Virtual Instructor-Led Gainsight Training!

  • 2 October 2017
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Starting the week of October 9th, we’re launching free Virtual Instructor-Led versions of all our Gainsight training curriculum! Register here.

Why? Many people prefer having a real instructor for questions. We keep it fun and have a “co-pilot” (pun intended) available to help answer questions during the classes.  

Note: These classes are in addition to existing On-Demand courses. Customers can take both ... no restrictions.

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3 replies

Hi -- I just signed up for a course on CSU. Is the class really supposed to run from 12AM - 2AM PT 6/20? Was this a typo and supposed to be for 12PM - 2PM PT?
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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for posting! I reached out to our training team to get an answer on the correct timing. 
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Hey Michelle,

Looks like the time wasn't loaded correctly on that one. I have updated it! Thanks for pointing it out.