Gainsight's Winter Release Available Feb. 20

  • 26 January 2018
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Gainsight will push the Winter 5.11 release upgrade to Sandbox environments starting on February 3. The upgrade may take a few days to complete. The production upgrade will occur on February 20.

This release includes several exciting improvements for CoPilot:

  • Advanced Outreaches (AO) can now create and close CTAs as part of the Outreach Model
  • Conditional branching enables you to configure multiple pathways within an AO
  • In-line Survey question templates for AO
  • Automated migration option for converting 1.0 Email templates to 2.0
  • Share the Relationship360 through AO, and log AO emails to SFDC
You’ll also find these and more enhancements in the 5.11 release:

  • Dashboard permissions are available for folders and at an individual level
  • Gainsight Connect is automatically enabled in all customer orgs after upgrading to v5.11 to sync data from SFDC to MDA standard objects
  • Gainsight Sharing Settings are available to set data access for relationship records at a user level
  • String and statistical functions are supported in Formula Builder in Bionic Rules, for example, to help identify correlation between support ticket volume and NPS
Draft release notes are available now. The final published version will be posted on Feb. 20.

3 replies

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Lila, in the Draft release notes, it says AO can now log emails to Salesforce.  Is it logging these as an activity on the Account record or the Contact record?
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Hi Jeff, I think it will log them to the Contact record based on this note, "To successfully log emails to Salesforce, Contact Id mapping in the mapping Participant Sources step is mandatory." But I will confirm with Product.
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Each email will be saved in the Contact’s Activity History.