Gainsight's November/December Release is LIVE!

  • 4 December 2020
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Gainsight's November/December Release is LIVE!
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The v6.19 release is live in NXT orgs in the EU as of November 28, and for US customers on November 21.  Check out the release notes here.

For SFDC customers, the release is live in your production orgs on December 1. Check out the release notes here

This release includes:

  • The new Real-Time Rules feature that enables you to trigger a rule immediately trigger a rule based on an event - in Gainsight or from external applications. These rules are event-based and do not require scheduling or scanning of data to trigger a Rule

  • Success Snapshots can now be used with Google Slides templates.

  • Multi-Currency support is now available to all customers. This enhancement allows Admins to load currency data into Gainsight with original currency codes such USD, EUR, GBP, and so on from the source. 

  • Use the new Load to Survey action type in Rules Engine to enable automated ingestion of external CSAT survey responses into Gainsight in order to build enriched CX Analytics.

  • The new Custom Views feature in Renewal Center enables admins define views for their users to make it easier for them to see the most relevant information.

  • CSAT is now available  as a question type in  Surveys.






  • Survey 1.0: Survey 1.0 functionality will be completely shut down by Feb 15, 2021, so please plan to migrate your surveys to Survey 2.0 before that date. For more information, refer to the Survey 1.0 Deprecation/Retirement FAQs article.

  • Scorecard 1.0: We are planning on shutting down all Scorecard 1.0 functionality by Feb 15, 2021, so please migrate your Scorecards to Scorecards 2.0 prior to that date. For more information, refer to our Scorecards 2.0 enablement article. You can also contact for help with migrating your Scorecard 1.0 configuration to Scorecard 2.0.



The PX release is also live as of December 3, and includes enhancements such as:

  • Gainsight PX now introduces collaborative dashboards that allow you to share dashboards with users across the subscription. 

  • The Administration menu is now improved by organizing menu options under the relevant categories. This helps in easy navigation to the menu options.

  • Gainsight PX now allows you to create custom events from the application by navigating to Administration > Events. Prior to this release, custom events were created only via API calls.

  • We’ve also added a number of features to the Integrations tool set related to Webhooks, Mobile SDK, and more!

To learn more about the PX December release, check out the release notes!


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