Gainsight's May/June Releases are LIVE!

  • 1 June 2021
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Gainsight's May/June Releases are LIVE!
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The v6.25 release is live in NXT orgs in the US as of May 29, and for EU customers on May 22.  Check out the release notes here.

For SFDC customers, the release is live in your production and sandbox orgs as of June 1 Check out the release notes here

Some highlights from this release include:

  • Give All Stakeholders Access to Customer Insights: Assign the new Viewer+ Analytics license to give users access to trends and actionable insights throughout your entire customer base. Users with this license can access Horizon Analytics Dashboards, CX Center (if purchased), and Renewal Center’s Analyze View (if purchased). For more information on Gainsight license types, refer to the User License Management article.

  • Identify Relevant Company Contacts More Efficiently: Create multiple People Maps of a customer’s existing hierarchy to focus on the hierarchy of a specific business unit or team. This makes it easier for users to identify the department and decision-making hierarchies of their customers, without having to navigate a map of the entire organization. For more information on People Maps, refer to the Build People Maps article.

  • More Easily Tap into the Power of Your Transformed Data Across Systems: Data Designer now includes an Export to S3 option. This makes it easy for you to transform your data with Data Designer and then schedule an automated push out to S3 so you can leverage it in other applications. You'll find this option in the Preparation tab, and when it's toggled on, it allows users to export a task's data to the S3 bucket. For more information on Data Designer, refer to the Data Designer Overview article.

    IMPORTANT: Viewer+ Analytics license type only works with Horizon Dashboards. As an admin, you must migrate your tenants to Horizon Analytics in order to leverage this feature. Contact your Account Manager for pricing information of Gainsight license types.vhSgYKooBlHFXP64TsMunL46r1fEARh4r_BgVr7q19mwogDBRPa3JFFISXx7rV5pSrb8L4VM8Z9QzGI1rIVPgKfIxg0tUXYRvJduMzype-nU7HimABoAZh1ZSbI4sJX6SphwwAyX




The PX release is also live as of May 31 for EU customers and June 2 for US customers, and includes enhancements such as:

  • Set Default Product, Channel, and Environment for Your Subscription

  • Choose the Product while Cloning a Product Feature Tree

  • Customize the Default Tab in Knowledge Center Bot

  • Add Events in Query Builder Based on Channel/Features

To learn more about the PX April release, check out the release notes

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