Gainsight's January/February Release is LIVE!

  • 5 February 2021
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Gainsight's January/February Release is LIVE!
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The v6.21 release is live in NXT orgs in the EU as of January 30, and for US customers on January 23.  Check out the release notes here.

For SFDC customers, the release is live in your production orgs as of February 2. Check out the release notes here.

  • Note that we skipped 6.20 as a full release and instead it was mostly a patch release.

Some highlights from this release include:

  • Sally in Slack now allows the users to create a CTA or post to Timeline, without logging-in to the Gainsight application.

  • Rules Engine has been improved with a number of performance enhancements, and we’ve also introduced the option to strip HTML tags when using Rich Text fields in a data operation.

  • We’ve extended the reach of Company Intelligence to allow it to be added as a section in Account and Opportunity widgets. This allows even users with viewer licenses to take advantage of this powerful feature!





  • Survey 1.0Survey 1.0 functionality will be completely shut down by Feb 15, 2021, so please plan to migrate your surveys to Survey 2.0 before that date. For more information, refer to the Survey 1.0 Deprecation/Retirement FAQs article.

  • Scorecard 1.0: We are planning on shutting down all Scorecard 1.0 functionality by Feb 15, 2021, so please migrate your Scorecards to Scorecards 2.0 prior to that date. For more information, refer to our Scorecards 2.0 enablement article. You can also contact for help with migrating your Scorecard 1.0 configuration to Scorecard 2.0.



The PX release is also live as of January 19, and includes enhancements such as:

  • The Knowledge Center Bot has new configuration options including a progress bar to make onboarding workflows more effective.

  • We’ve made it easier to manage In-app Engagements by providing tools to archive and clone existing engagements.

  • We’ve also added Engagement Prioritization which allows more granular control over which engagements are displayed when multiple display criteria are satisfied.

  • There are a ton more enhancements to Admin and Integration capabilities too!

To learn more about the PX December release, check out the release notes.

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