Gainsight October v5.19 Release is Coming Soon!

  • 2 October 2018
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Our v5.19 release is going out to Sandbox orgs starting on October 3, and to Production orgs on October 16. This is a substantial release with enhancements to many areas of the product. Here's just a few highlights, and we'll be sharing more info soon:
  • Rules Engine: we’re introducing the ability to Pause and Resume the Rule Schedule, new Formula functions: RuleDate() and rule Date in dateDiff, more Rules List filters, as well as making S3 dataset task improvements!
  • Journey Orchestrator: Admins now have the ability to preview conditional wait steps, refresh Power List sources before a Program is executed, pivot tasks in Query Builder, enjoy Email template enhancements, and more!
  • Surveys 2.0: the Survey Question Library now supports editing and deleting existing library questions, organizing questions by folders, and viewing linked surveys; plus, Survey Flattening for ease of reporting!
[i]Note regarding release numbers: An interim release is being pushed which contains a new permission set, and SFDC requires us to advance our product release number. Therefore, we are effectively skipping the 5.18 release.

Journey Orchestrator > Email Template Performance Report:

Scorecard 2.0 > Collapse all measure groups:

Report Builder > edit Label Aliases for end users:

3 replies

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Draft release notes are available now! Please keep in mind that items may be added, removed, or revised before the final version is published on Oct. 16.
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Good afternoon Gainsight,

The collapse function in Scorecard 2.0 does work in that the items in each group collapse, however, in the release notes it shows a score being associated with each group. Ours only shows the number of measures that were collapsed and no score. Is this expected, or is there something we need to configure?

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Angela,

While configuring the scorecard you can "Enable group scores" to be calculated. Only if that option is selected, the group scores will be calculated