Gainsight implemented 30+ Customer requests in May release.

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@All - we really appreciate all of the product inputs that our customers take the time to share with us on the Community. Your feedback helps us build better products and services, and stay in tune with what customers want, need and expect. We want you to know that our product team listens and carefully considers your ideas and concerns. I'm happy to report that we have implemented many suggestions from the Community in the v6.14 release! Here's the complete list.

In our release notes, Ideas that originated on Community are marked with the “C” icon.

Below are a few feature highlights:

  • Gainsight Assist Chrome Plug-in
  • Cockpit Calendar Integration
  • Share Emails from Timeline with Activity Details
  • Email Stats for Emails Sent from Timeline
  • GS ID Available for Field mappings in 'Load to Gainsight Object' Action type 
  • Build Reports on the User Login History of Gainsight NXT
  • Gainsight Notifications through Slack
  • Set Cockpit and Success Plan Assets to Inactive
  • Enhanced Language Settings and Options
  • View Survey 1.0/2.0 Responses in C/R360
  • Improved Email Opt-Out Management and many more to view.

Gainsight Mobile App Enhancements 

Special thanks to all our active community participants from the last month!

@kate_popp , @tim_schukar@rozi_shuster@trevor_shand@meenal_shukla@darkknight@harriseilenberg@heather_hansen@andrew_cummins@cameron_gibbons@melaniebrittingham@keith_mattes@aparimala@imran1184@dan_ahrens@harris_maidenbaum_cbac7b@sara_hoeffler@toddmassey@sarah_couch@alison_kaprielian@david_narunsky@kendra_mcclanahan@lila_meyer@maksim_ovsyannikov@nick_mehta@karl_rumelhart@Anshita@reneehouse@johntrask_bt@kate_green@andrew_biehle@ellenoangieslistcom@sam_buddery@anirudh_allika@anil_chalasani@pratapknight@sai33335@john_apple and @dstokowski 


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