Gainsight beta program for “Email to Timeline”

  • 15 November 2018
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Greetings from Gainsight!

Gainsight welcomes you to join the beta program for "Email to Timeline," one of our most awaited features. Be the first one to use this feature and help us make it even better!


Email to Timeline will be launched soon in beta mode, and your valuable experience and feedback will help us make this feature more useful and delightful.

Many of our customers have already signed up for this program, and this is the final call to enroll in the beta. We plan to freeze the nominations by 21st Nov. Please leave a message in the comment section below if you want to join this program.

We will post the following details soon:

- How to enable this in your Org

- How to use this feature

- What are the limitations

If you volunteer for this program, your Gainsight Administrator will soon receive a communication email containing the details about the next steps.  

                           Looking forward to seeing your active participation!!



                                                       Thank you!



29 replies

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Wow, exiting!

I like the idea.

I will create a separate group and a page for all the participants opted in, we can have more live discussions on the page.


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Thank you Sai ram!

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Our org would like to opt in!

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Hi! The CSM team here at Goodlord and I are especially keen to try out this feature and would be happy to join the beta program.

Our CSM team at WalkMe would love to participate! Please let us know how we can move forward.

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Our CSM team has really wanted this functionality, and we’d love to be a part of the beta.

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I'm interested in having a few of our CSMs use this feature. Please consider Delphix.

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Our CSM team would love to participate over at Classy.org!

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So happy to see that this is happening, please include Duo in the beta.

Please register my company for the beta

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I would like to test this feature out for my Org Visier.

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Hello, I would love to join this please. Cannot wait to see it in action!


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We would love to participate!

Please add me to the beta!

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Interested! Please include Relativity

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I would love to be included in Beta testing this feature! I know my CSM team would love to utilize this as well.

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My org CampusLogic would like to join the beta

We would love to join the Beta program! We're rolling out gainsight over the next few weeks and would love to include this in our process as we rollout at SocialChorus!

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Thanks for the interest, everyone! We'll send emails to Admins to get started with the Beta program next week, after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Stay tuned!

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Our org is very interested in this and would love to participate!

I'd like to add Signifyd to the beta. My CSMs would appreciate and use this feature.

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Exciting stuff! Thanks for the update, Lila!

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We would love to participate in this beta

Excited for the beta !

Thank you Sai!