Free Gainsight End User Elearning Courses!

  • 26 June 2017
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The Gainsight 100 series includes three elearning courses for end users (CSMs, AMs, AEs, etc.) of Gainsight. Launched today by our training team, the series is free, and provides an overview of Gainsight from an end user's perspective. It includes tips for how to work efficiently in Gainsight, how to use a variety of key features, and how to get Gainsight to work for you, to make your life easier.

Look for Gainsight 101-103 in our Customer Success University Catalog to register and get started!

4 replies

That's great Lila, thank you.

For some reason when I'm clicking to purchase the course the cart is empty and there is no way to proceed. Can you check please?
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Hi Aviv, I've forwarded your issue to Evan Luberda in our training dept., so he should be reaching out.
Thank you 🙂
As an end-user (not an admin) I watched these and found them super helpful!