December V5.21 Release is Coming Soon!

  • 28 November 2018
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Gainsight's V5.21 December release is live in Sandbox orgs that take automatic upgrades, and the Production release is coming Dec. 11! You can read more about the release in our draft release notes


Here are a few highlights:

  • Social tagging in Timeline posts – Social tagging allows you to tag Gainsight users within Timeline posts using the '@' symbol and their name; email notifications for tags make it easy for teammates to know when their help or attention is needed for a customer.
  • Easily make the switch to Survey 2.0 – This release provides a utility to support migration from Survey 1.0 to Survey 2.0, to save you time and effort switching to the latest and greatest Gainsight's Survey has to offer.
  • Access Sally the AI bot directly in the Gainsight app & use Named Queries – users can now query for customer information from any page in Gainsight using Sally the AI bot. We're also introducing named queries, which Admins can configure to support end users in finding more specific information when they query Sally.
  • New Scorecard Unified Fact Object enables easier reporting/editing of Account or Relationship scorecards – The Scorecard Unified Fact object greatly enhances the Scorecard Mass Edit report by allowing you to view and edit multiple Scorecards within a single Mass Edit report. This object is unique per entity; only one Unified Fact Object exists for all of the Account Scorecards and only one Unified Fact object exists for all of the Relationship Scorecards.

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Check out this 6-min. for a preview of what's coming in the December release!

Note: The Sally named queries feature is no longer included in this release, and will be available in a future release very soon!