Create CTAs and Timeline Activities from Slack

  • 17 February 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Sally in Slack now allows the users to create CTAs or post activities to Timeline, without logging-in to the Gainsight application. These Gainsight actions can be taken on any important conversation either from Direct messages or from Channels.

Following are the ways users can create a CTA/post an activity:

  • Sally Menu 

  • Slack Shortcuts

  • Slack Slash Commands

IMPORTANT: In case if you are not able to perform the above actions, reach out to your Gainsight Admin for reauthorizing your Slack workspace on the Gainsight Sally admin page.

Click here (SFDC / NXT) for more information about this feature.



6 replies

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Hi @rakesh_lingala 

Could you explain how "post activities to Timeline" is different from what was already possible before using "@gainsight_sally post activity to Relationship xxx"? Is it just another way to do it or does it offer additional advantages? Will they old way stay supported as well or do we need to make people aware they have to change their habits?

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Hi @Jef Vanlaer 

We have made some enhancements to post to timeline feature in Slack. The existing functionality remains the same. Apart from this, a Slack user can post any message (from a private conversation or from channels) to Timeline.


Apart from this we newly added the capability to create CTAs as well - from both the Gainsight Sally app or from anywhere else in the Slack application.

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@rahul_prayakarao what is the minimum level of permissions and licensing that an end user requires in order to take advantage of this functionality?

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@gunjanm - to create a CTA, a user must have a full license, and for a user to post activity to the timeline they should at least have a viewer license. 

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@rahul_prayakarao gotcha, thanks!

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The new Slack capabilities are huge for us, but there are 2 things which would make it better:

  • Ability to capture the content of a selected Slack message and send this to the timeline, in much the same way as the Gmail plugin works. Currently you have to manually enter a note for whatever content you want to capture
  • Ability to paste images into the notes field and have these sent to the timeline

Are either of these enhancements currently on your roadmap? Thanks :grinning: