Community Changes Are Coming Soon!

  • 3 October 2019
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We’re excited to announce the Gainsight Community is moving to a new platform in late October. All of your posts, comments, and profile information will be migrated to the new platform. You’ll still access the Community at 

There are two important steps you’ll need to take after the new site is live:

  1. You must change your password after the new site launches. Passwords are encrypted, so we can’t migrate these to the new site.
  2. Re-Subscribe to the categories you’re interested in. We're consolidating the existing categories, and Idea posts will be in separate categories from general Discussions, so you will need to select the new categories that you wish to subscribe to. We strongly recommend that everyone follows the Product News & Updates category to receive important updates on releases, webinars, etc.
Starting around October 17, the existing site will be in read-only mode while we make the switch. During this time, you will not be able to login or take any actions on the Community.

In general, the user experience will be similar, with some helpful new additions. On the new platform you’ll be able to:

  • Perform more accurate searches and view “smarter” results based on popularity and status of posts
  • Send direct messages to other Community members
  • View Idea posts with the most votes, by status, most views, most replies, and newest
  • Quickly access views of your own posts and replies
  • Easily navigate from one category to another on the home page
  • Post product feedback to one category per product (CS, PX, RO)
After the new site is live around October 21, please visit the Community site to update your password and subscribe to relevant categories. Then you can begin using the new and improved Community!

We’ll share some general FAQs about what’s new or different after the new site is live!

2 replies

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@All Please reach out to us on below email address for any queries/issues.