Champion Competition!

  • 18 February 2016
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Hello Everyone!

We are happy to announce the Gainsight Champions


To be eligible to win, participants must become a Champion

prior to the final day of the tournament (April 15th, 2016).  Three (3) winners will be selected based upon the

highest overall scores.

The three Champions with the highest score according to the rules below will get a free ticket to Pulse 2016!

As the Competition continues different "Challenges" will be posted on this thread, so be sure to follow it to stay updated on additional point opportunities!

Competition Rules:

  1. In order to “Win” you must be a Champion in the Community by the final date of the Competition.
  2. Points earned via activities outside of Community will NOT contribute to your Community points.
  3. Points you earn in Community WILL contribute to your overall points in the Competition.
  4. All post previously made will NOT contribute to additional points in the Competition outside of Community, but all post made until the end of the Competition will.
  5. “Gaming the System” will not be tolerated and may lead to a disqualification.
  6. Some point opportunities  may be “Capped” as to avoid “Gaming the System”.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or

email Dave or myself!

A full list of point values awarded in the Community can be

found here.

The full list of additional points may be found in the image below.


2 replies

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I just added this to the "Important Links" on the right side of the main page to make it easier to access for everyone!
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Here is another Challenge for you all! This one last until April 15th. The end of the competition!

We have a new category here on Community called Vault. For every idea that is submitted there, it will earn you an additional 25 points per idea! But wait, there's more. If your idea is something that gets loaded into Vault you will receive an addition 50 points. That's a total of 75 points for each idea that gets accepted into Vault!

You have until the end of the competition to get those ideas in and get your extra points!