Bug Fix: Permissions - Rules Load Actions

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When we introduced load to any object feature, we created a new permission set "Gainsight Special". Only the users assigned this permission could access the Rules Config (Permissions - Rules Load Actions) page. 

In a recent release of Gainsight, a bug was introduced which allowed users who did have that permission set to access the page. With the 5.1 release today, we've addressed this issue. 

All of the users who were accessing Rules Config (Permissions - Rules Load Actions) page without "Gainsight Special" will see an error when trying to access the page. 

If you need access to the Rules Config (Permissions - Rules Load Actions), contact your Salesforce Admin and request the "Gainsight Special" permission set. 

If you have questions about this issue, please open a ticket with us by sending a note to support@gainsight.com.

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