Beta Program Invitation - Zapier Integration

  • 6 May 2021
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Beta Program Invitation - Zapier Integration
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Hi Community Members! We are very excited to announce a powerful new integration that is now available in beta. We have partnered with Zapier to build a Gainsight app interface through Zapier that will allow you to easily configure data flows between Gainsight and other applications. 

Some sample use cases could be using events or triggers in any system that integrates with Zapier to add new records to Gainsight in near real time.

In this beta release the data jobs are limited to the creation of records in the following Gainsight objects:

  • Company
  • Person
  • Any Low Volume Custom object

We plan to add additional capabilities in the future and could use your help to test this integration and provide feedback to us on how we can improve. 


If you'd like to participate in this beta, please click this link to fill out our beta invitation form, after which we'll be in touch with you on how to access this functionality.

2 replies

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Bumping this to the top for more visibility. 

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Very VERY Happy to see this.


We have had to use Salesforce as a conduit for lots of data that we want to pass directly into Gainsight.


This is a huge advancement in allowing us to pipe information collected in other apps directly to Gainsight in real time. 


One thing - We only have a very small number of low volume objects so the usability of this is very limited. It should be opened up to all custom objects for an update / insert job.


I am already playing with it now anyway so consider me in for the beta!