Zoom App (for US) now available!

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Thanks @manu_mittal and team for ringing this good news 🗞️ 


After a long wait, we're happy to share that our Zoom App (for US only) is now live in the Zoom App Marketplace!


We anticipated this approval to occur a lot sooner, but Zoom has a pretty elaborate review process!

Since Zoom doesn't allow the same app to point to two different servers, we've submitted a separate EU app for approval. We expect this to be approved in the next couple of weeks, and we'll update you once we've received the EU approval. Once approved and published, you'll see two apps in the marketplace: Gainsight App for Zoom, and Gainsight EU App for Zoom. Important to note because this is different from the login flow in our mobile app and Gmail/Outlook plugins.Thanks for your patience!


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cc @sshroff , @ljost14 

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Can someone share use cases for the Zoom APP?

What I have seen so far, it works for actual Zoom meetings, but does it also work if you do outbound calls via Zoom’s phone pad?


@Chee_Lam Zoom App for Gainsight is only available for Zoom Meetings  and that too where Zoom App is supported. 

For better coverage on understanding, please read the support document, it gives clear picture about zoom app and its generic use cases


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and now for EU customers as well 


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@indroneel_barat or @anirbandutta am I missing some configuration step here to get the C360 to show up in Zoom or was that dropped and not mentioned? The documentation still shows it as a feature: 


I only see Timeline and Person/People.

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@Sania Ahmed, @Adrian Raposo pl take note.

cc @gopal_rao_kallepu   

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Is there a user-facing overview sheet for this app that I can send to my users for how-to-use instructions?

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Hi @arunabhat, could you pl take a look at this?

cc @neelam_mukherjee  

@sarahmiracle Here’s the link to our support page which contains two documents related to Zoom app:


The first one details out instructions on how to install and authorize Gainsight in Zoom. And the second one is a collection of FAQs on Gainsight app for Zoom.

Hope this helps.

cc @anirbandutta @neelam_mukherjee 

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Thank you @arunabhat ! Might I recommend that a user-facing document would be extremely useful for this? Just like how there is a Sally for Slack (End-User) support document that I can link out to my users who have questions on the functionality (https://support.gainsight.com/Gainsight_NXT/Sally_AI_Bot/Sally_for_Slack/User_Guides/Using_Gainsight_Sally_in_Slack_(For_End-user)). As a GS admin, I don’t have calls with customers, and therefore I don’t have the ability to create my own enablement here for the team on how to use the Zoom app. I’m concerned that when I share this announcement with the team, that I won’t have proper materials to enable them on what the Zoom app provides and how they can use it.

@sarahmiracle I am a little confused with your response. What I shared is user-facing document on how to install and use GS within Zoom. Did this not meet your needs?

Here are some additional documentations on how to use Timeline and People section within Zoom:

https://support.gainsight.com/Gainsight_NXT/Timeline/02User_Guides/Timeline_in_Zoom_App#Access_Timeline_in_Zoom_App - Timeline article
https://support.gainsight.com/Gainsight_NXT/People_Maps/User_Guide/Add_Participants_as_Person_Records_in_Zoom_App#Manage_Participants_in_People_Tab - People Section

These articles are also part of the main article that I shared earlier. 

Let me know if there’s anything specific you were looking for. We may not readily have it but I can work with my Technical writer and have something ready.

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Hi! We just got this approved by our Enterprise systems team, and I’m going to announce to my team today - with this app, can users also access the R360? We work on the BU level, and I want to let my team know before I tell them all the great stuff they can do with it! Thanks!