Welcome New Community Members!

  • 14 September 2019
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Gainsight is very lucky to have a vibrant and active Community of users who happily share their learnings and feedback with all of us! I wanted to take a moment to welcome some of our newest members from the last few months, and to have a little fun getting to know one another.


Last week, I attended the CMX Summit for Community Managers, and one surprising stat I heard is that Community users with profile photos post 1.9x more often on average, and they tend to receive 2x as many replies as users without photos. I'd like to think our Community doesn't get too hung up on photos, but it is nice to know who's here and to connect names with faces. 


So, in that spirit, I'd like to challenge our newer Community members to:

  • post your profile photo, if you haven't already
  • comment on this post and tell us what you're hoping to get from or give to the Community
Happy Friday, everyone!



5 replies

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We'd love to hear from you about what you're looking to get or give to the Community, and/or see your profile pic added! ;)

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Thanks for the warm welcome, Lila! My name is Gunjan and I am a Customer Success Technology Consultant at Valuize Consulting. We work with B2B software organizations to help them implement and manage Gainsight, as well as to revamp their success strategies. Excited to learn what's hot and top of mind for CX leaders through the Community!

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Hi Lila! Our organization is relatively new to Gainsight and I'm new to my role so it's been great to learn about the type of enhancements people with a lot more knowledge are looking for and workarounds for existing / known limitations. Right now, I'm getting quite a bit more than giving but I hope that will change at some point :)

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Awesome and thanks for sharing, @acote and @gunjanm !

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Welcome new members!!