Virtual Customer Advisory - Email Template Builder

  • 14 July 2021
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Virtual Customer Advisory - Email Template Builder
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Hi Community! We want your feedback via a live advisory session with our Product Management team


What is the Virtual Customer Advisory Meeting (VCAM) about?

We are planning to improve the email template builder experience and would want to get your feedback around your use cases and your input on our roadmap plans.  


Who is the right person to Enroll?

Admins who are using Journey Orchestrator and especially those who build email templates. 


When is this happening?

We are planning a session in the 2nd week of August 2021.


What should you do?

Please register for the roundtable to the slots provided using this formWe will reply back with a calendar invitation. If you are unable to use Google forms due to company restrictions you can email to sign up. 


3 replies

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@Swati Bakshi @chethana 

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Oh man! I totally missed this. BUT - YES PLEASE, the email template builder needs a DESPERATE MAKEOVER. :sweat_smile:

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Wondering if there has been any follow up here or if there are any other meetings/conversations on this topic I can be a part of?