Virtual Customer Advisory - Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL) - Early Feature Preview

  • 24 September 2021
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Virtual Customer Advisory - Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL) - Early Feature Preview
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Hi Community! We need your feedback via a live advisory session with our Product Management team

What is the VCAM about?

  • We need your feedback on the application & design for the new Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL) solution. We will also share insight into our roadmap in this area. 

About the solution:

We are investing in a purpose built solution for Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL). This feature will allows CSMs to: 

  • Create Leads and share it with Sales. 
  • See reports on the value of CSQLs they created, the value of CSQLs that converted to an Opportunity and the value of Opportunities that were won.  

Who is the right person to Enroll?

  • Customer Success Managers who are involved in identifying potential Expansion opportunities (Upsell & Cross-Sell)
  • Account Managers and Account Executives who are responsible for Expansion (Upsell & Cross-Sell)
  • Admins who have configured / or interested in configuring CSQLs

When is this happening?

  • We are planning for a session on October 6th 2021.

What should you do?

  • Please register for the roundtable to the slots provided using this form. We will reply back with a calendar invitation. If you are unable to use Google forms due to company restrictions you can email to sign up. 


5 replies

Hi there, new Gainsight community member. I just stumbled upon this post. One thing I am looking to do is leverage Gainsight CTAs for CSQLs and lead management. Was this feature ever implemented? I would love to learn more and get some best practices for how we can best track leads being worked by CSMs in GS 

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@Cornelia, @Ritika Jindal could you pl share the latest? 

That would be great, thank you. 

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@msplaine  yes CSQL is implemented.

You need not use CTAs to track leads.

You can directly use CSQLs which is available to all clients. Free to use.

You can start with gainsight only implementation where leads are created only in gainsight for better tracking purpose and then later you can think of syncing with Salesforce if required.

You will find all details in support docs. @MayurGhiya please share docs link.


Please go through docs once and still you have doubts feel free to mail me-


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Hey @msplaine 

For the Gainsight Only (Sync Option), you can refer to the Configure Leads article.

And for further information on the Salesforce Sync Option, you can refer to the Sync Leads or Opportunities to Salesforce article.

FYI @Ritika Jindal