Update on Gainsight & SFDC Lightning Experience Compatibility

  • 27 October 2015
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A few of our customers have switched to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience and reported some confusion. Gainsight is still testing compatibility of our application with the Lightning UI, and does not recommend enabling Lightning at this time. A few weeks ago, we surveyed our customers and found that the vast majority are not planning to switch to Lightning this year. We plan to be fully compatible with the Lightning Experience in early 2016.

If you do turn Lightning on for certain users, Gainsight will function, but users may be a little confused by the navigation options. In response to this, please do NOT turn Lightning off. Instead, CSM users should manually switch to Salesforce’s Classic mode to access Gainsight’s full functionality. (Read this if you want to enable Lightning for some users; e.g. non-CSMs.)

If your organization has enabled the Lightning Experience, users can switch back to the Classic mode by navigating to the Switcher. How do you get to the Switcher? In Salesforce Classic, click your name in the upper right corner, and select Switch to Lightning Experience from the menu. (image 1 below)

In Lightning Experience, click your profile picture in the upper right corner, and select Switch to Salesforce Classic from the menu. (image 2 below)

For more information about managing Lightning permissions, please see this Salesforce article. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support@gainsight.com.

2 replies

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Any updates on this? The majority of our users in Sales will be on Lightning.
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Let me break this up into two questions, so I can respond more clearly:
  • Can you upgrade your org to lightning and still use Gainsight?[list]
  • Absolutely! If you broadly feel comfortable upgrading, do it. You can still use Gainsight by [i]toggling to the classic mode at any time. This toggling would be needed outside of Gainsight too, since lightning still doesn't have full feature parity. 
Can you use Gainsight [i]without toggling to the classic mode?
  • All the design changes we have made recently were made with lightning compatibility in mind. The product should function perfectly normally in both classic and lightning modes. That said, we have not done a full round of regression testing to be 100% confident absolutely nothing would break. We have done some high-level testing without running into issues, but that obviously isn't enough to claim full compatibility. The main concern we have is that we typically don't have enough time in-between releases to do full testing in both the modes, and we can't move over to lightning completely either because almost all of our customers are still on classic. We do plan to do at least one full round of testing over the next few months, but the same level of ongoing testing would be difficult to commit to, at least till lightning becomes more mainstream.
[/list]Hope this helps.