Unrestricted pick list

  • 19 July 2017
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I can’t type in old pick list values that are being passed in an
integration process (old values that aren’t in the pick list) so I need to find
out how I can query for those key words in the GS Rule because it’s forcing me
to choose an existing pick list value.

i.e. Training Name contains "QBO Online Training is..." and the current pick list don't have this value any longer (it's been deactivated in SF)...I need to filter for "QBO" and "Online" in my rule but can't

Any ideas!!!!

1 reply

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Hey Mendy,

Just posting my answer here as well in case anyone else runs into the same question!

At this time, Gainsight is unable to access "deactivated" picklist values due to limitations from Salesforce.

The SF report can still get to the legacy data that may contain these values, because all of the data lives within Salesforce. 

They restrict us from accessing deactivated values because in order to access those deactivated values, they would have to give us the ability to write to those picklists,  which they will not allow.