Timeline Feedback: double work for our CSMs and Customer Success Team

  • 20 January 2017
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We would love to use Timeline as an "at a glance" tool for management to see what the entire CS dept (CSMs & support staff) have done to make the client happy. We would LOVE for all of our CSM CTAs + matching SF tasks to be auto-synced to timeline. I can't introduce Timeline to the team b/c it would be double the work for them. We would love to utilize Timeline as the screenshot attached - to see where in the customer lifecycle our team reached out.

In addition:

1. When will we be able to build reports on Activities in the Report Builder?

2. When will timeline interact with Cockpit CTAs?

3. Will Cockpit CTAs and tasks ever have the option to be auto-synced to Timeline?


2 replies

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Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the post. 

1. Reporting on Activities data will be available in Spring release.

2. We plan to add a CTA level timeline. This timeline will capture all touches made to the customer in the CTA context. E.g. In a CTA you may have a task which asks CSMs to have a meeting with customer. The CSMs would update the CTA timeline with notes/MOM of this meeting and these notes will be visible in C360 timeline too. This is tentatively planned for Spring release.

3. We also plan to provide option to create activities via rules engine. So if you want to sync all CTAs & tasks as an activity on timeline you will be able to do it by running a rule. 
One question - Do you want to sync Gainsight task to timeline or SF tasks?

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Makes a ton of sense to show all the effort your CS dept. is putting in. One question regarding the mock-up/screenshot you shared: It shows the timeline across the top going left to right. Is that how you prefer it? Or is it more about being able to focus on a particular time-period or customer stage?