Timeline Feedback

  • 30 November 2016
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Our teams are loving timeline so far. Feedback from a CSM:

Its an easy way to track all of my calls that don't really have an objective or CTA that they belong in. I love that I can open it and take notes during the call then close. I wasn't able to track these before, so now my manager will be able to see how much time I'm spending on other things as well.

5 replies

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Thanks Heather!  We really appreciate the feedback.  Glad to hear that the Timeline feature is off to a good start and we are excited to fill many additional capabilities.
my team also likes it, but can we forward those notes to other people from within the Gainsight timeline?
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Yes!  We will get there.  Lots to do on Timeline but that is definitely part of the plan.  Curious about your priority: is this about sharing internally or about sharing with external meeting attendees?
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got it.  thanks!