Timeline API Article is Now Available!

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The Timeline API article is now available on our support site.

With this document, we have simplified and revised the structure of the API document to align it to the industry standards and improve readability. We plan to update the existing documents in this format to maintain consistency.

Your feedback is valuable to us. We are open to any suggestions that you may have.
Please reach out to me (@Sania Ahmed) if you have any queries/suggestions.

Community Ask: https://community.gainsight.com/rules-permissions-15/where-is-the-rest-api-or-other-api-documentation-4527

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Thank you!

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@chris1 You need not provide all the attributes provided in the sample request. Please modify the request as per your activity_timeline object. Please try with standard fields like “contextname”, “GsCompanyId” , “AuthorId” under “Select” attribute in payload. And also make sure you provide correct value for “ExternalId”.

@smitha bhanoori how can I find the value for the ExternalId for a Timeline Activity. I’m not finding it in the UI anywhere.

@chris1 You can create a report using Report Builder on “Activity Timeline” object to see the external Id.

@smitha bhanoori is it possible to query all externalid that are associated with a particular company?

@smitha bhanoori I created the report but External ID is null for all my timeline entries. How are these ids populated?

@chris1 External ID will be available only for the activities being created using Timeline APIs. Any activity which is created from Global timeline , C360 and R360 pages will have External ID as null.


You can apply the filter in report builder to fetch records for a company. 


@smitha bhanoori I see, so is it possible to use an API to read timeline activities that were created in GS directly?

@chris1 Yes, it is possible to read using POST: READ API to read timeline activities, and example is already provided in Timeline API article.

@smitha bhanoori how can that be when External ID is required and the External ID is Null for activities created from the Global Timeline?