Thank you all for subscribing to our "Beta program for Email to Timeline”!

  • 26 November 2018
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From our testing, I can confirm that if the outbound email as multiple email addresses, each will be added to the External Attendees on the Timeline Activity if at least one matches a Person record.

For example, 4 external emails: 2 are associated to Person entries and 2 are not. Timeline activity was logged to the correct account for the matching Persons and the other emails were added as additional external attendees

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For reference, those threads would show here:

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Hi Pele,

You can contact for assistance, and if you still need additional help, we'll get you in touch with a product team member. Thanks for jumping in to try this new feature out!

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Fantastic– thanks, Lila!

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Good morning,

Thank you for including athenahealth in the Beta! We are working hard to meet the prerequisites so the email to Timeline functionality can work.

Our biggest struggle is with Gainsight Person. I joined Office Hours yesterday for some general questions, and observed several other people say they were just listening to hear more about Gainsight Person.

I have a few recommendations to make this administrative function easier when this becomes generally available:

  1. If possible, provide step-by-step instructions. A video or training would be ideal, but even a single guide on Gainsight Go would streamline this process. I have referenced at least 4 Gainsight Go article with no 1 "source of truth" to tell me details, like do I start by creating a dataset or s3 dataset task.
  2. Perhaps create a Journey Orchestrator outreach to your clients that are not currently using Person and link the new resources before going GA with email to Timeline.
  3. Offer targeted Office Hours with a walk through of creating these load rules from scratch.
I am working with others on my team who generally work closer to building rules (I do more troubleshooting of existing rules.) If the other SME on my team cannot build the rules, the next step will be to work with our TAM.

We are hoping to have the first 5 users testing this the start of next week. We are excited to be included in the Beta and I will post more updates as available.



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Thanks for the feedback Angela. I have compiled the list of resources which could help you make this easier -


See Also

Hey Venkatesh.

I've enabled inbound email tracking on the timeline <> but I'm not able to get it to work. I've been emailing under the "The Avengers" test account, but nothing is populating on the timeline.

I've been using the BCC address that was emailed to me:

I've enabled support access to our ORG, ca you please let me know what I should try next?

I would love to get on a screenshare to get this fixed today.

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Please raise a support ticket for this.

Yeah I have, and the reply back was the rep asking if I've enabled BCC emails to timeline, and the link to the setup doc.

You're asking for feedback, and my feedback is I can't get it to work, and I haven't received any help on getting it to work.

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Good Morning! I'm so excited that we're able to start working with this new feature! We had a set back with our Person object, but that finally got that figured out! But I have a few questions:

1. I can't remember if I read this somewhere, or if it was mentioned while at a recent meeting - but if an email doesn't get posted to timeline, isn't the user to get an email indicating that it wasn't posted - and why?

2. Is there a time delay from when the email is sent to the timeline, and to when it is posted? I'm still currently testing, but at this time - my emails haven't appeared in my drafts as of yet. So just wondering if there is a time delay.

Thank you as well for releasing beta to all of us! This is so amazing!


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Hi Sagan!

Email notifications are not available at this time, but are a planned enhancement. For now, they can check the drafts area, but naturally that won't show emails that failed completely.

There should not be a significant time delay for emails to appear in Timeline as activities or drafts. Please keep us posted on what you're experiencing, and feel free to post a new thread in the "Email to Timeline Beta" topic. ;)

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It looks like there isn't a way to push an email to timeline without responding to the customer. Having a way to send an incoming email to timeline, without needing to respond to it is one missing piece for this feature versus what we ask our team to do currently with logging customer communication. 90%+ of the time, replying to an email will cover it, but there would be some messages we would want logged that wouldn't be included in that case.

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Currently, you can forward any email directly to your provided Timeline email address, which will place it in the Timeline Drafts so that it can be correctly assigned to the right Customer and Contact(s).

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One important requirement for this feature that I don't think was ever explicitly stated by Gainsight is that your org must use DKIM verification on the user's email servers. Our org only uses SPF verification, so even though I signed up for the beta of this feature, it is not able to be properly implemented. This is disheartening for my entire team as I was excited to tell them about participating in the beta, only to come back and disappoint them. I hope that the products team is looking into solving this because I can imagine that my organization is not the only one who's email servers are configured as such.

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Hi Kunal,

Thanks for this! Would something similar be done for loading to relationship person?

I assume the rule would be sourcing from relationship contact for that?

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The only thing I will point out with this video is that it does not account for mapping the full name. If you map the full name it will show the name for the person in the activity instead of just the email address.

Just bring full name into the show section of the rule and then map it within the rule action!